The Ecology Team at Arborcology Ltd are passionate and experienced professionals dedicated to proving you with sound ecological information and advice.

Our portfolio ranges from supplementing planning applications in the private sector including field/garden works and small residential developments to large commercial projects of urban redevelopment, industrial brownfield areas and farm lands.

Whatever the project, we have the "know how" and expertise to help you move forward.

Our experts will take you through every aspect of the planning process, from preliminary ecological surveys required by the local planning authorities (Phase 1 Habitat Assessment) to Ecological Translocation.  

Click the links below to find useful information on the services we provide. 

  • Phase 1 Habitat Survey 

  • Client liaison

  • Quotation

  • Site visit

  • Mapping of habitats

  • Species identification

  • Desk study and data search

  • Assessment for potential to support legally protected species

  • Recommendations for further Phase 2 Protected Species Surveys

  • Mitigation Recommendations

  • Report Revisions

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